Caring for Your Hair Extensions - Summer Tips

Summer time is a time of year that everyone loves- trips to the beach, swimming, and outdoor activities are some of the things we most look forward to during the summer. If you have hair extensions you may be wondering how they will be affected by your summer life style as well as the summer heat. Making a little extra effort can go a long way in protecting your hair extensions and help to improve their lifespan. Here are some tips on how to go the extra mile to keep your hair extensions looking beautiful and beat the summer heat.

Use Hydration Products and Treatments

Just like with your actual hair, the summer heat can be extremely drying. It is helpful to use a deep conditioner and invest in some hydrating leave-in products to keep your hair extensions looking healthy. Using a heat protectant can be very beneficial when the Florida heat is especially grueling. Try doing a hair care treatment bi-weekly to help your natural hair and your extensions. One product to avoid during the summer is salt sprays. These are usually full of alcohols and – of course- salts that will work against your hydrating treatments and dry out your hair and extensions. 

Don’t Over Wash

Sticking to a washing schedule will be a lifesaver during the summer. Be sure to keep a quality dry shampoo handy as this will be your best friend! You will want to avoid over washing your hair to keep it from drying your extensions out, but underwashing can leave a build up of the hair products you are using to style and protect, which also is not beneficial. A lot of sun screens and summer products are not great for your hair extensions so be sure to wash your hands after applying them to avoid the need to wash your hair more often. 

Tie Hair to Avoid Tangles From Activities

Having your hair extensions get tangled is an easy way to damage them. Tie your hair into braids or a bun when you are taking part in summer activities that will expose you to wind or cause you to get sweaty. If you are swimming it is more beneficial to tie your hair into a loose bun then a ponytail.

Minimize Heat Styling

Using heat to style your hair can always cause damage, but it is especially true during the summer when your hair is constantly being exposed to extreme heat. If possible, try to cut down on your heat styling during the summer months.

Prepare and Protect Your Hair When Swimming

Swimming in pools and salt water can have a major impact on your hair, but luckily we have some tips for you. One sure way to protect your hair is to use a swim cap and protect it from the water. If you decide not to use a swim cap, soaking your hair before entering a pool or the ocean can be a huge help. Your dry hair extensions will absorb chlorine and salt in the water when you go swimming, so wetting it first with regular water allows your hair to soak that up instead and leaves less room for the chlorine and salt to be absorbed. As we mentioned before, it also helps to tie your hair into a loose bun rather than leaving it loose or tying it into a ponytail.

These tips are very low maintenance and can extend the life of your hair extensions while you have fun in the summer! If you are interested in hair extensions or hair extension services, contact Innovative Hair Solutions and schedule an appointment with us.