Cosmetic Hair Additions

Though hair loss can be an upsetting situation to be faced with, the cosmetic hair additions possibilities are endless. Whether you are looking for hair extensions, wigs, toppers, topettes, or volumizers, Innovative Hair Solutions' team of professional experts are available to help with all your hair additions needs.

Today’s Women’s Hair Piece and Wig Trends

We offer cosmetic hair additions for those with thinning hair and hair loss in Palm Beach Gardens, West Palm Beach, Boca Raton, Miami and the surrounding areas in South Florida.

When most women think about wigs, they think about what they wore for fun years ago. They were heavy and itchy and most of all, looked fake! However, over time, technology has raised the bar in comfort, quality, and appearance. If you choose to replace your hair, you will be happy to know fake looking wigs and Hairpieces are a thing of the past. New technologies have made both human hair and synthetic Hair wigs/ Hair pieces appear extraordinarily realistic and comfortable.

Wigs and hairpieces are in demand more than ever today due to medical hair loss, genetic hair loss, aging, and general hair thinning conditions. Most women today have no idea how many options there are to restore the appearance of their hair to a natural-looking state. Almost everyone that we see on TV or in show business is wearing some type of addition to their hair to enhance their appearance. Whether it's a topper, volumizer, hair extensions, or wigs, almost everyone is doing something, but the typical woman has no idea. Women will dream about their hair looking like someone on TV, but have no idea that that dream is possible!

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If you begin to experience moderate hair loss, thinning hair, or even wish to augment your existing hair, it can be intimidating and it may seem as if your options are limited. However, this could not be further from the truth. At Innovative Hair Solutions, our wig salon and wig shop in Palm Beach Gardens FL offers a wide variety of hair additions that can enhance your appearance in the most natural looking way. In addition to a premium selection of high quality wigs, we can recommend hair extensions, hair toppers, and topettes to achieve the exact look you're going for. Our selection of brands, hair type, texture, color, length, and scalp coverage will ensure that no matter what you are looking for, we are able to meet your desired specifications.

At Innovative Hair Solutions, we have hair pieces that clip into your hair that range in all shapes and sizes. These pieces will not just add thickness and volume but will cover up see-through hair and even hide your roots when needing color! Just a few simple clicks and you have instant real-looking hair! Pieces can be as small as just adding a bang or a little larger to cover the top of the head, up to ¾ of the head, but is still not considered a full wig. The latest designs give the most comfort and natural appearance as well as the confidence and self-esteem boost that is priceless! The options for texture and color are endless. Everything can also be customized. You do not have to be an expert at styling to use these, they are so easy anyone can wear and style them within minutes!

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Hair Additions and Hair Enhancement Specialists

Hair Additions and Enhancements are included in a very special category of the professional beauty industry called Hair Replacement. Our wig salon in Palm Beach Gardens FL has Licensed Professional Cosmetologists who offer services that involve not only advanced Cutting Hair, Coloring Hair, and Texturizing, but our Professionals have advanced training in Hair Replacement Specialties to offer the fourth dimension of services: Adding Hair. Cosmetic hair additions are an important part of this dimension to add fashion, convenience, as well as address hair loss issues.

Innovative Hair Solutions is a fully licensed wig salon specializing in hair replacement exclusively for women of all ages. All types of hair loss or enhancement situations can be addressed with solutions like:

– Hair Extensions, Enhancements and Additions
– Integrations and Volumizers
– Partial Cranial Prosthetics and Hairpieces
– Full Cranial Prosthetics and Wigs

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Hair Replacement Systems

Whether they are called hair systems, toupees, wigs, or strand–by–strand insertion systems, all hair prostheses are constructed in a similar fashion using similar materials. All hair systems are machine sewn, hand-tied, or use a combination of both methods. Innovative Hair Solutions hair replacement specialists are always up to date on the latest in hair replacement technology. Lesser quality hairpieces are made from low-quality human hair, animal hair, low-grade artificial fibers, or a combination of all three. These hairpieces often “fuzz” quickly and need to be replaced more frequently. Higher quality hairpieces are made of Remi Hair (hair that still has a cuticle layer) or heat resistant artificial fibers. Remy Hair is the highest grade of human hair because it has been processed the least amount. The origin of the hair can be Chinese, Mongolian, Indian, or European depending upon the desired finish. It is the preferred choice for hair extensions, hairpieces, and wigs because it achieves the most natural look.

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With Remy Hair, the cuticle layer is kept intact and not stripped. Preserving the cuticle and aligning the hair in a unidirectional fashion creates a hairpiece that is completely natural in appearance. Artificial fibers range from fibers used in costume wigs to very high-quality heat resistant fibers; depending upon the manufacturer, artificial fibers can look, feel, and perform very much like human hair. Attachment methods range from tapes, adhesives, braiding and sewing, shaving, and/or utilizing a skin safe adhesive to a simple wig clip.

Innovative Hair Solutions believes in preserving the integrity of the client’s hair. Our specialized techniques are sure to achieve the results of our client’s desires while keeping their health and well-being in mind.

We Offer

- Informational consultation by appointment
- Selection of hairpieces, and toppers including the most current styles
- Customized or readymade hairpieces and human hair toppers
- Professional, trained fitters to determine proper fit
- Alterations for a secure fit
- Customized hair cutting and coloring of the piece
- Human European hair, blends of human hair and synthetic, and fully synthetic hairpieces & toppers

At Innovative Hair Solutions wig salon and wig boutique, we understand that losing your hair can be frustrating and disheartening. We have years of experience in hair replacement services for women in the Palm Beach area. Whether you are in need of professional hair extensions, hair toppers for women, hair pieces for women, hair toppers for thinning hair, hairpiece for thinning hair, or topettes, our professional and caring team is available to provide the best hair replacement options for your unique needs. We are a team of experts that you can trust with options that will restore your youthful appearance and give you back your style and confidence.

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