Wig Services

After you've found the right high quality wig for your needs, make it perfect with professional wig services such as wig styling, wig customization, wig thinning, wig cutting, wig coloring, and wig repair services

Custom Wig Services

Expert wig services are available in Palm Beach Gardens, West Palm Beach, Boca Raton, Miami and the surrounding areas in South Florida.

There are many circumstances where you may find yourself in need of custom wig services in Palm Beach Gardens, FL. You may already own synthetic hair or human hair wigs, but need some wig styling, wig repair or wig restoration to bring it up to date, try a new style, or breathe new life into your hair piece. Even if you have just found the best natural looking wig, it may still need a couple of custom adjustments to make it the perfect wig for you. Just like hair growth from the head, wigs also need care, attention, and a little styling refresh every now and then. At Innovative Hair Solutions, our confidential and private wig salon specializes in custom wig services and offers the wig styling, wig customization, wig thinning, wig cutting, wig coloring, and wig repair services that you are in need of for your wigs or hair extensions. Our wig specialists take great care and attention to tailor your wig to any custom specifications so that you can have the beautiful hair that you desire.

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Wig Restoration

If you have owned your synthetic hair or human hair wig for some time, it may be ready for wig restoration. Whether you want to add more volume, are experiencing frontal or closure balding, or your wig is not curling well, Innovative Hair Solutions can restore your wig back to almost new condition again, even if it was not purchased at our wig shop. Our wig restoration services include wash, condition, detangling, styling, and so much more for wigs, toppers, and other hair additions. Instead of purchasing new synthetic hair or human hair wigs, our wig restoration service can bring your wigs back to life with style.

Wig Repair

Along with wig restoration service, we also offer wig repair at our wig salon. If your wig or hair piece is in need of adding hair or repairing/replacing damaged lace front or French caps, we can send out most wig and toppers for repair. Wig repair can include tears, tightening, replacing elastic bands, and adding or replacing clips.

Wig Cutting and Wig Coloring

In the same way many would not choose to cut or color their own natural hair growth, wig cutting and wig coloring are also best done by a professional wig
stylist. Innovative Hair Solutions specializes in the cut, color, and style techniques that can help you to feel your best. Our confidential and private wig
salon offers expert custom cut and color service including wig thinning, for your wigs and hair extensions.

Whether you need to invigorate your wig with quality wig restoration, wig repair, wig cutting, wig coloring, or any other wig service, Innovative Hair
Solutions is the answer for you. Our confidential and private wig salon is an inviting, friendly atmosphere where you can feel comfortable getting the care
and services you need. We are also available to recommend new wig or hair solutions in our upscale wig boutique that offers premium brands and expert
consultation. Hair loss is a very personal issue that we treat with the highest level of sensitivity and our wig shop and wig salon can be the complete solution to all of your needs.

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