Wigs vs Hair Extensions

If you are suffering from hair damage or hair loss, you may be considering a wigs or hair Extensions. You may just want to try a new hairstyle or add some volume to the hair you already have. If you are one of these people you might be wondering if a wig or hair extensions are the right choice for you. What is the difference, anyways? Before we get into it it is good to know that you can style and color both wigs and extensions making them both a great candidate to add to your beauty routine. Here are some other ways to compare the two and make the decision that works best to meet your needs.


A wig provides full coverage of your scalp. On the other hand, hair extensions attach directly to your hair in areas where the attachment is not going to be noticeable. This will add length, volume, or both to the hair you already have. This way you can add extensions to specific areas that are thinning, or you can go for an all over look.

Wigs vs Hair Extensions

Application And Requirements

Though there are some extensions that you can apply at home, for a natural look you will typically need to visit a professional to apply them. This means they require regular visits for care and maintenance in order to get the best results and to be able to use your extensions for a longer period of time. With a wig you have the ability to apply your wig from the comfort of your home, with proper instructions from your hair professional, of course!


Even if you take the utmost care of your extensions, the lifespan of a wig is much longer. At innovative hair solutions, we say the lifespan of your extensions are approximately one year. Your wig can last you much longer than that if they are cared for and maintained properly. We even offer wig restoration and repairs right here at Innovative Hair Solutions!

All in all, choosing between a wig and hair extensions is mostly up to you, so long as the requirements mentioned above are met. When visiting Innovative Hair Solutions, you can rest easy knowing whichever you choose, we will make sure you have a natural look that leaves you feeling confident and proud when you’re wearing your wig or extensions. Your health is important to us so our hair extensions will not cause any damage to your existing hair. Whether you’re looking to create more density or length, try a wild new style without affecting your natural hair, or are looking for a wig for medical hair loss, we can help you find the perfect solution to meet your needs. With over 15 years of experience, our hair replacement professionals will be there to guide and support you every step of the way.  Book your first appointment with us online, through email, or over the phone today to get started on the journey to get you to your new look.