Tips For Styling Your Wig

Wearing a wig can allow you to change your look easily and regularly. It is important to always discuss the styling possibilities for your personal wig with a hair replacement specialist in order to know what is safe to do to your wig without causing damage. Our specialists at Innovative Hair Solutions are always here to assist those of you who work with our wigs and can give you lots of styling tips, advice, and information! Let’s talk about some of the ways you can prepare your wig and add some style at home.

Always Consult Your A Professional

All wigs are different. Whether you’re rocking a natural or synthetic wig, a hair replacement stylist can help to give you the information you need to style your wig successfully without damaging it. You can also have your wig professionally cut and dyed. This will ensure you will get the look you want without causing any damage to your wig. 

Prepare Your Wig

Brush out any knots or tangles. Using a blockhead is helpful to style all around the wig. If your wig is heat safe and you plan on using heat to style your wig, make sure to use a protectant to keep the fibers and hair looking great for a long time.

Avoid Brushing A Wet Wig

Brushing a wet wig can cause some damage, so always try to brush a wig when it is dry. Be sure to use your normal wig brush or comb to avoid damaging the wig fibers. To brush or comb when already styled with curls of waves, use short strokes.

Curling Your Wig

Too much heat can seriously damage your wig. When possible, use heat free methods of curling like curlers to get a beautiful look without any damage. If you do intend to use heat on your wig, be sure to use a protectant or follow the guidelines recommended by your hair replacement specialist. If your wig is heat friendly, be sure to use low heat.

Make The Final Touches While Wearing Your Wig

Placing the wig on a block head while styling can make your life way easier, but make sure to see how it looks on you before you leave the house. You may want to make some final adjustments based on how the wig sits on your head.


An easy way to level up your look is to add accessories to your wig! Scarves, headbands, clips, and embellished hair ties can all give your look an extra pop.

Washing Your Wig

Once you are ready to return the wig to its original state, wash it with cold water using shampoo and conditioning products that are safe for your wig. Wearing Your Wig Wearing a wig does not mean you have to rock the same style every day. The goal is for you to feel confident and beautiful in your wig, so style accordingly! If you are interested in a consultation to get your very own, contact us at Innovative Hair Solutions to get started.