How Many Wigs Should I Own?

At Innovative Hair Solutions, based in Palm Beach Gardens, FL, we know that sometimes a good-looking wig can completely change your mood and confidence for the day. With so many wig types, styles, and colors out there it can often be difficult to narrow it down to one look! For this reason, many choose to go with several looks and switch them up regularly. Some days may call for a short blonde bob, while others may require a long jet-black wig. 


One reason people may consider multiple wigs is that wigs, depending on their quality and make, may have a shorter lifespan than other wigs. When purchasing your wigs, you can take a few of these factors into account while making your decision so you feel confident knowing you are making the best buying decision. 

With little exposure to harsh chemicals and wear, and depending on your frequency of wear, human hair wigs can look fresh and new for over a year. Synthetic wigs can also last a while if properly taken care of and not exposed to heavy wear, but they will likely start to lose some of their luster around the 6-month mark. These are not exact numbers of course. Like any hair, it heavily depends on how the wigs are cared for, the frequency of wear, and the atmosphere they are being worn in.

If you decide to go with a human hair wig, you are probably making a slightly larger investment so these are considered a more serious investment purchase, but the higher quality wigs and longer lifespan may ultimately make them worth it. Synthetic wigs, made from synthetic fibers instead of real hair, are not as receptive to heat, so straighteners, rollers, and even hairdryers will reduce the quality and longevity of the wig. Many who choose a synthetic wig will opt for a shorter one to avoid the tangling and extra wear on the synthetic fibers.

While your wig choice will certainly be a contributing factor to your experience, at the end of the day it does mostly come down to care and environment, so treat your wig like the investment piece it is and it should last you a long time!


Keeping in mind the different kinds of wigs and how long they may last, it may pique your interest to have multiple wigs, so you don’t have to put extended wear and tear on one single wig. Some become collectors of these wigs and love to rotate them regularly, while others keep the options down to 2 or 3 to keep it simple! Some also choose to have a wig for everyday use, and a wig for special occasions that they only wear once in a while. If you’re not sure what wig you need, or what style to go with, come on to Innovative Hair Solutions in Palm Beach Gardens, FL, and we can guide you through the process of finding your right wig type, color, and style. Contact us today with all your wig-related questions so we can get you set with your perfect wig!