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At Innovative Hair Solutions in Palm Beach Gardens, FL, we know one of the major considerations when picking a wig is getting as natural a look as possible. Here, we will look at the different types of wigs and some of the pros and cons, including their natural look.


There are a number of different types of wigs, but one of the most common is the lace wig. This type of wig also has a mesh “lace” base that is sheer to make it easier to adapt to the color of your scalp when you wear it. There are two main types of lace wigs: lace front wigs and full lace wigs. The lace wig has fibers that are individually tied to the sheer lace material. This gives it a more natural look and movement that looks and moves like your own hair does naturally. 

It is common for lace front wigs to include a basic wig cap laced in sheer lace around the forehead area – usually 1.5″ to 3″ of sheer lace. To create a natural, gradual hairline in wigs that does not look heavy or artificial, individual wig hair fibers are hand-tied to the lace section at the front of the wig. Women who like to wear their hair down and experiment with center and side parts will enjoy lace front wigs since the edges of the wig will not be visible. 

Lace wigs tend to have the most natural appearance and allow for more freedom for styling and parting your hair. These wigs are also generally lightweight and comfortable for longer-term wear. With these benefits in mind, these wigs are more expensive than other types and must be taken very good care of like your natural hair would.

Monofilament Wig

A monofilament wig is similar to a lace wig, but there are a few key differences. The individual hair fibers of a monofilament wig are tied to the wig base in a way that simulates the natural growth of hair from the scalp.

There are three main types of monofilament wigs available: 100% hand-tied, or a wig that features an area where the top or crown is hand-tied. Like lace wigs, monofilament wigs’ base material is thin, sheer, and gauze-like, but this wig type is much more durable than lace wigs. Because each hair fiber is hand-tied to a monofilament wig, there tend to be fewer hairs attached to the wig than there are to other types of wigs.

These wigs also have a natural appearance and realistic hair movement, but these wigs are generally very expensive due to the hand-tying process and have generally less volume than a lace wig.

Combination Wig

Unlike 100% hand-tied wigs, combination wigs are constructed using machine-sewn sections or strips of wig hair fibers layered over strategically placed hand-tied hair fibers for a more affordable alternative to wigs that are completely hand-tied. These wigs have a lower cost due to not being 100% hand-tied but do offer a reduced level of realism in the wig. 

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