2024's Top Hair Styling Trends That Will Work With Wigs & Extensions

When it comes to hair, staying trendy and stylish is a top priority for most of us. With every season bringing in new hair styling trends, it’s not just your natural hair that deserves a fresh, fashionable look – your wigs and hair extensions need to keep up with the times too! At Innovative Hair Solutions, we understand the importance of keeping your wig and extensions looking current and chic. That’s why we’ve rounded up the most noteworthy hair styling trends for this year, perfect for updating and rejuvenating your look.

Here’s a look at the trendiest styles you can wear on your wigs and extensions, and how to master each one to ensure your hair game is on-point throughout the year.

Embrace Your Inner Textures

The Natural Wave

Waves are an eternal hair trend that conveys effortless elegance. For 2024, the natural, tousled wave is the way to go. It’s undone yet polished, providing a carefree vibe that’s perfect for any occasion, from casual outings to formal events.

How to Achieve it on Wigs and Extensions: Apply a heat protectant on your wig or extensions. Grab a curling iron with a medium-sized barrel, wrap large sections loosely around the iron, and hold for a few seconds. Once cooled, run your fingers through the waves to break them up for a more natural appearance. Remember always to check if your wig or extensions are heat-resistant before using hot tools.


The Textured Bob

Short, chic, and full of personality, the textured bob is a timeless style that has been modernized for this year. Pairing texture with a blunt cut gives this classic look an edgy twist.

How to Style: For wigs and extensions already in a bob cut, add a texturizing spray or pomade to the hair. Scrunch the hair to enhance its texture or use a small barrel curling iron to create defined, yet tousled waves for that added depth and movement.

Back to Basics with a Twist

The Sleek and Straight

Ultra-sleek, poker-straight hairstyles are back in fashion. This minimalist style emphasizes the beauty of simplicity and works well for both casual and elaborate settings.

How to Style: With a high-quality flat iron, straighten your wig or extensions in small sections to get that silken, sleek look. Apply a lightweight hair serum to add shine and reduce frizz. Ensure your wig or extensions can withstand direct heat to prevent any damage.


The Middle Part

Symmetry is key this year, and the middle part is taking the lead. This small but significant change can transform your look entirely, offering a contemporary vibe to any hairstyle.

How to Style: Adjust your wig or carefully part your extensions down the middle. Use a tail comb for precision, and smooth down any flyaway hairs with a light hold styling product. If your wig has a set part, consider getting one that offers parting versatility for this look.

Unapologetically Bold and Colorful

The Statement Color

This year is all about daring colors that express individuality. Pastel hues, vibrant shades, and even neon tints are making their mark.

How to Apply: Avoid damaging your existing pieces by opting for wigs or extensions that come pre-colored. With an array of colors available, you can frequently change your look without commitment or hair damage, or seek out a professional’s opinion before altering your current hair piece. 


Colorful Streaks

Adding streaks of color can give your hair dimension and a trendy edge. From subtle highlights to bold, contrasting panels, you can be as adventurous as you like.

How to Add: Use clip-in extensions in different shades to add vibrant streaks to your wig. This allows for a non-permanent change that you can adapt to your mood or outfit.

Braids of All Styles

The Bubble Braid

A fun, whimsical take on the classic ponytail, the bubble braid is playful yet fashionable. It’s an excellent option to change up the texture of your hair without altering its actual length or style.

How to Create: Tie your wig or extensions into a high ponytail. Add small hair bands every few inches down the length of the ponytail, and gently tug the hair between the bands to create the bubble effect.


The Boho Braid

Bohemian styles always manage to circle back, exuding laidback vibes and intricate detailing. Incorporate fishtail braids, French braids, or waterfall braids into your look to channel this free-spirited trend.

How to Braid: Braid your wig or extensions as you would with natural hair. Use texturizing spray or dry shampoo to add grip and hold the braid better. Finish with a flexible hairspray to keep it in place.

The Highs and Lows

The High Ponytail

The high ponytail has been a crowd favorite for multiple seasons, playing into the sleek and chic trend. It’s making a definite comeback, showcasing length and providing an instant facelift effect.

How to Achieve it: Gather your wig or extensions into a high ponytail on the crown of your head. For added length and volume, clip in extensions under your natural hair ponytail before securing it with an elastic. Smooth out any bumps with a fine-tooth comb and finish with hairspray for a polished look.


The Low Messy Bun

Perfect for those laid back days, the low messy bun exudes a relaxed yet refined aura. 

How to Style: Pull your wig or extensions into a low bun at the nape of your neck. Don’t worry about it being perfect; the goal is to achieve an effortless, ‘thrown together’ style. Pull out a few face-framing pieces to soften the look further.

Accessorized Elegance

Statement Hair Accessories

Accessories are the easiest way to update a hairstyle. Pins, scrunchies, headbands, and scarves can all offer a new dimension to your look, whether on a wig or extensions.

How to Incorporate: Simply add your chosen accessory to your finished hairstyle. Ensure it’s secure, especially on wigs, as you don’t want to damage the cap or the hair fibers.

The Pearled Look

Pearls have made their way from jewelry boxes to hairdos. They add a touch of elegance and can instantly elevate a simple hairstyle.

How to Add: Pin pearl-studded hair clips into your wig or around your extensions. Alternatively, opt for headbands or hair ties embedded with pearls for an equally stylish effect.

At Innovative Hair Solutions, we want you to feel confident and style, regardless of whether you’re wearing your natural hair or opting for wigs and extensions. This year’s hair trends range from the natural and understated to the wildly colorful and elaborately styled. Remember that taking proper care of your wig and extensions will keep them looking fabulous for longer, making it easier to try out these fun and fresh styles. So go ahead, get creative, and make every day a good hair day with our expertly-curated trends for the year. If you are looking for a beautiful hair replacement piece or hair extensions, please reach out to our team at Innovative Hair Solutions for compassionate and expert assistance.