What Type Of Hair Extensions Are The Best?

Upgrade your looks with a little to no effort with hair extensions from Innovative Hair Solutions today! Hair Extensions are a convenient and handy tool to have natural and beautiful looking hair. So, if you have ever wondered which hair extensions are the best, you’ve come to the right place. Here, you will get a breakdown of the different types of hair extensions, and what to consider before buying! This article also entails a few bonus tips when considering a purchase. 

Clip-ins are the fastest and most affordable way to add hair. They can be worn in 10 to 15 minutes and are secured by toupee-like clips. They’re very easy to apply and are ideal for people with thinning hair. 

Sew-ins are hair extensions that are secured to the head by sewing the hair strands into a tight garment. These extensions are usually made from human hair.

Tape-ins are the most popular type of hair extension according to Valles. They are thick and secure by sandwiching the tape between the strands of hair.

best hair extensionsDue to the complexity of the process, the cost of glue-ins can be quite high. It involves melting a plastic bond between a keratin-like substance and the hair strands, usually, it takes about $300 to $500 to get the job done.

Halo extensions are the easiest way to straighten out your hair roots. They’re secured to a transparent wire around the crown of your head, and they’re easy to conceal under your hair, making these the easiest and most natural-looking extensions to style.

Today, there are many options when it comes to synthetic hair, such as human hair and wigs. However, some people are worried about the ethics of synthetic hair. Although they may seem natural, synthetic hair extensions are very different from human hair.

Virgin hair is the highest quality human hair. It comes from an individual who has never dyed or processed their hair. This hair can be treated like your own. Bundled Remy hair is a type of hair that has the same roots and tips as the original hair. This ensures that the hair has a smooth and uniform appearance. Non-Remy hair is usually obtained from salons and is referred to as virgin or Remy. It goes through an acid bath and is treated with a silicone coating before it is washed off. It ends up looking damaged once it gets washed off. Virgin hair is the best quality, but plain Remy hair is often fine. Also, it comes in any color.

Tips when buying extensions

  • When it comes to buying extensions, make sure that the length of the hair you buy is the same as that of your own hair. This will help make the extensions look longer and fuller.
  • Don’t get carried away thinking that the more strips in a set mean more hair! When it comes to buying extensions, always look at the weight of the product to see how much hair you need to add to make your hair longer. You can buy hair extensions in a store or online, as they are safer and easier to feel. If you’re not sure about the quality, try asking the store clerk for help. Also, make sure to check out the reviews before buying .

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