What Is A Kosher Wig?

To comply with appropriateness in Jewish law, married Orthodox Jewish women do not show their hair in public. To abide by this tradition, a wig, known as a sheitel is worn. Kosher wigs are wigs used by Jewish women come with a kosher certification, meaning that they are not made with hair that originates from rituals deemed to be sacrilegious.  Wearing wigs has been a practice for many years in the Jewish community to cover up women’s hair after marriage.  Kosher Wig shops became popular decades ago and have been made more accessible to the public. They make it easy for anyone to wear wigs and find the best wigs quickly and easily that come in many different styles that Wig World sells.

What Makes a Wig Kosher?

As long as wigs are made in a way deemed to be in compliance with Jewish law it is Kosher. Wig shops sell two types of wigs, synthetic and human hair wigs. Kosher wigs fall under the same purity laws as any other wig or hairpiece. Both kinds are sold, but a natural-haired wig isn’t natural. There is a huge line to choose from. A kosher wig is defined by whether it’s made with artificial fiber like nylon or silk, which don’t absorb ritual impurities, like animal hair such as wool, fur, or feathers which do absorb ritual impurities.

What Are the Benefits of Kosher Wigs?

Wearing kosher wigs is a great way to cover hair. But wigs can also be beneficial for medical reasons. There are many styles available and often carry many different types of wig brands. Our Kosher wigs are perfect for anyone that is needing something that doesn’t require daily maintenance and is very convenient and easy to wear. Women who wear our high-quality kosher wigs feel more comfortable. Wearing a wig can help maintain modesty and grace because there is no need to style the new growth underneath the wig. Innovative Hair Solutions carries many of these wigs, so one should never have trouble finding the perfect one. 

Where to Purchase a Sheitel or Kosher Wig?

Innovative Hair Solutions specializes in Jewish wig, sheitel wig, or kosher wig options and fittings. Our knowledgeable team of professionals can help you shop our premium selection of sheitel wigs to meet your exact specifications.  Our Kosher wig boutique and Kosher wig salon is a little different than the typical wig shop. We offer a private, comfortable, one on one setting so that you can get the attention and care you need. With over 30 years of combined knowledge of Jewish women’s hair replacement needs, you will be amazed when you see what options really do exist. Contact us today for more information on our line of Kosher Sheitel Wigs.  

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