How Do Day To Day Activities Affect Your Follea Wig And Hair Extensions?

At Innovative Hair Solutions, Palm Beach Gardens, FL, it is our ultimate goal to build enduring relationships with our clients. Offering top-tier Follea wigs and hair extensions gives us a sense of pride in introducing transformative changes into how our customers appear and feel about themselves. This article aims to shed light on how daily activities may alter the quality of your hair replacement pieces, enabling you to maintain them with ease.

Follea wigs and hair extensions are globally recognized and precious personal investments that individuals make use of to boost their confidence and enhance their self confidence. Knowing how daily activities might impact them fosters longevity and increases satisfaction with their use.

Here are some common everyday activities that may influence the condition of your luxurous hair extensions or Follea wig:

  1. Washing: Routine and regular washing keeps these items clean and shiny, often maintaining their luster. Over-washing poses harm like loosening the wig base and premature aging, while ‘non-washes’ tread the path of unwanted odor and hygiene issues.
  2. Styling & Brushing: Using combs or brushes without care can lead to hair breakage or a damaged base of your beautiful hair extensions or Follea wig. Specialized tools are imperative for pressure-sensitive brushing and detangling. You have to remember, as high-quality as Follea wigs and professional grade hair extensions are, they don’t regenerate like natural hair, so they must be treated gently.
  3. Sleeping routines: Sleeping with extensions or a wig on can also affect its endurance significantly. Persistent friction against the pillows might cause knotting, tangling, and shedding. Be sure to discuss the best sleeping solutions with your hair replacement experts so you can ensure that you are mindful of the proper sleep practices to keep your wig or hair extensions looking beautiful for as long as possible.

So, knowing all of this, how can you ensure the durability of your Follea wig or hair extension while going about your day-to-day activities? Here are several tips:

  • Always brush extensions or a wig before washing or wetting it. You’ll decrease tangles and aid the cleaning process. Using a wig comb or wide-toothed comb is highly recommended.
  • Regular, mild shampoo-conditions: Two to three times per week is optimal (every 7-10 days for a wig), using mild or specific hair-extension shampoos and conditioners.
  • Since sleeping with your wig or extension can be unavoidable, consider getting a satin pillowcase: Friction is reduced, and so are the risks of knotting and damage.
  • Avoid heat-based styling like ironing or hot curling. When you do decide to use heat based styling tools, use heat-protectant sprays, and keep the equipment’s temperature at a low.

At Innovative Hair Solutions, our top priority is your satisfaction. By providing classic expertise on enhancing your looks with our top-quality wigs and hair extensions and supporting you in maintaining them, we strive to be your premier choice in Palm Beach Gardens, FL.

We believe you came to us- not just for a product- but to infuse yourself with confidence and beauty. Make use of the above practices that’ll make your hair piece last, look natural, and beautiful.

Located in serene Palm Beach Gardens, FL, our doors are open for a personalized experience and expert advice on buying, applying, or maintaining your desired hair replacement solution. 

At Innovative Hair Solutions, you’re not just buying a Follea wig or high quality hair extensions. You’re investing in elegance, assurance, and an outstanding service experience that understands and uplifts your needs. 

Your daily routines inevitably influence your follea wig or hair extensions’ longevity and aesthetic appeal. By understanding these effects and activating appropriate care measures as advised above, you can easily manage your radiant investment. Embrace your beauty with Innovative Hair Solutions.

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