Hair Replacement Tips - Help Your Wig Last Longer

Like any other investment, when purchasing a wig you want to make sure you can use it as long as possible. When treated with proper care a wig can last you a long time. Whether it is your first wig or you need a refresher, we have tips to help you keep your wig looking great for years to come. When in doubt, you can always visit the wig salon at Innovative Hair Solutions to get some hands-on assistance with your wig.

Use Quality Products

Using higher quality products made especially for wigs can make your wig look incredible and last longer. You will see the most benefit with products made for wigs, as they use ingredients to help preserve the fibers and keep your wig looking fabulous. Start with a little product and work more if necessary. Whether you are styling or washing, using the right products can be a serious game changer.

Avoid Heat When Styling

Heat is never beneficial when it comes to styling any kind of hair, and wigs are no exception. Heat causes damage to natural hair as well, but a big difference to consider is that natural hair can eventually repair itself, depending on the level of damage that is being done. Though many wigs can be styled with heat, it is still recommended to use an alternative method if at all possible. Try using heat free curling methods or drying your wig without heat, for example. Sometimes the convenience of heated tools cannot be avoided, but even a little effort in avoiding heat can go a long way.

Wash Appropriately

Overwashing your wig can actually do more harm than good. When you wash your wig too often you can be causing damage to the fibers, causing them to look dull over time. Though there are many different types of wigs, in general a good rule of thumb is to wash your wig every week or so. There are many factors that can affect your need to wash your wig such as styling methods and excess sweat, but stay mindful of how frequently you do wash your wig.

Wigs also benefit from soaking rather than having the product massaged and worked into them like natural hair. The friction you might create from working your shampoo into your wig can cause unnecessary tension on the fibers, causing them to become damaged. It can also cause your wig to accumulate knots or matted hair. 

Visit A Wig Salon For Advice Or Major Customizations

Using hair coloring products at home can be risky. Overprocessing can damage your wig, and color mishaps can affect your self confidence. If you choose to cut your wig at home there are also some risks involved. Once the hair is cut too short or incorrectly it is a challenge to come back from. That is why we recommend visiting a wig salon to work with a professional you can trust has the experience to make your wig look perfect for you! 

Taking good care of your wig can make a world of difference in how long it will last. If you need help or are interested in investing in your first or next wig, our hair replacement specialists at Innovative Hair Solutions can help. Contact us to schedule an appointment today.