Synthetic and Blended Wigs Vs. Human Hair Wigs

One sign of glamour in our culture is when a woman has very luxurious locks of hair. Whether long hair styled after a perfect blowout or a cute, sassy, shorter style, women pride themselves on a great head of hair. But sometimes nature or illness just don’t cooperate with that plan. If you are struggling without a full head of hair, going to a confidential and private wig shop will help you choose the right wig for you and give you your confidence and charisma back. Deciding between human hair wigs or synthetic wigs necessitates a wig boutique that can walk you through all of the steps before you ultimately decide what is best for you and your lifestyle.

Reasons for wigs

There are several reasons for human hair wigs and a wig salon that specializes in the right place to go to style it and learn to care for it. Because of how tied to their hair women are, hair replacement for women can be a stressful situation, so it is vital that you go to a confidential and private wig salon to get advice. Several typical reasons for needing wigs include:

  • Hormone problems
  • Medical hair loss
  • Sheitel wig for religious beliefs
  • Stress
  • Alopecia
  • Wigs for cancer patients

No matter what the reason, a confidential and private wig boutique will help you get the right wig for you and teach you how to take care of it.

Human hair wigs

Human hair wigs are made from four types of hair: Indonesian, Chinese, Indian, and European/Caucasian, and Chinese is the most abundant. Human hair wigs are more expensive, but there are many reasons for this. Human wigs are durable and will last from 1-3 years with proper care. They are also easy to style, and behave just like real hair would behave. Styling human hair wigs daily will give you a feeling of normalcy, and a wig shop can teach you the tricks for how to properly maintain it. If money were no object, human hair wigs are superior because of their versatility and ease of use.

Synthetic and blended wigs

Synthetic hair has very different traits to human hair, and a wig boutique can help you understand the differences between the two. Although synthetic wigs do not require styling and can be worn right out of the box, this is also a disadvantage because you can only wear the same style over and over. New technology has created blended wigs, which take the soft feel of human hair and blend it with the durability of synthetic wigs. Synthetic wigs do not last as long as human hair wigs, and replacing them more often can also be cost prohibitive.


If you are suffering without a full head of hair, there is an easy way to feel better about this situation. Find a reputable wig salon to teach you everything you need to know about human hair wigs and how to style them, and the differences between synthetic wigs and blended wigs. Whether you need hair replacement for women because of stress or hormone issues, or you are experiencing medical hair loss, your local wig shop will set you up for success. Your local wig boutique will give you confidence as well as a beautiful head of hair.

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