Q:  Do Innovative Hair Extensions damage my natural hair?
A: Absolutely not! Our Hair Extensions are the only hair extension method that actually improves the look and feel of your hair. Some methods are approved by the International Alopecia Board. Unlike other methods that have been around for over a hundred years, where hair (real and fake) gets glued or sewn into the hair and therefore stresses the natural hair, Innovative Hair Extensions are mathematically proportioned to the natural strength of your hair follicles, so it works with your hair and protects it.  In fact, many of our clients have grown out their natural hair while wearing extensions that they no longer need extensions because their own hair looks so good!

Q:  How are Innovative Hair Extensions applied?
A. There’s never been anything like it before in the hair extension industry! First, we do a careful examination of your hair to determine how much weight each strand of your natural hair can hold. We then apply the hair so that the end result is one that is completely natural-looking, and hangs and moves exactly like real hair. The extensions are virtually undetectable and applications can take less than 2 hours. No one will know you have hair extensions in your hair, and they’re able to be styled in any hairstyles you choose!

Q:  How long can I leave my hair extensions in?
A. The answer to this question depends on how fast your natural hair grows and how well you take care of your extensions. Typically, because Innovative Hair Extensions are applied with such meticulous attention to detail and natural appearance, they have a much longer life than older, traditional hair extensions methods. Typically our clients can leave them in for 6-12 weeks, depending on the method, and some are reusable and can be used over and over!

Q:  How much will it cost for me to get Hair Extensions put in my hair?
A.  Again, this depends on the thickness of your natural hair, the length you want your hair to be, and a variety of other factors. Our prices are competitive with traditional hair extension methods, and we use only real, unprocessed human hair.  A consultation is required for accurate price quotes.

Q:  What type of upkeep is required for my Innovative Hair Extensions?
A. We will recommend some simple tips for you to keep your hair extensions in the best condition. The methods we use are very low maintenance and you can practically do anything and everything with them. We also recommend using special hair products which are specially designed to prolong the health and look of not just your hair extensions, but your natural hair as well!

Q:  Do you give consultations to people who want to see if Innovative Hair Extensions are for them?
A.  Absolutely! We would be happy to have you make an appointment to come into our salon so that we may answer any of your questions, give you an estimate of the length and cost of any potential applications, and show you samples of the hair we use and before-and-after pictures of past clients! If you’re not in the Palm Beach area but are considering our Hair Extensions (we have clients come to see us from all over the world!), feel free to e-mail or text us a photo of yourself and we will give you a free consultation!

Q:  How can I contact you with any questions or to make an appointment?
A. We try to make ourselves as accessible to our clients as possible.  Please contact the salon directly by calling 561-799-2499 or text 561-319-5555. We are appointment only.

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