Wigs 101 - Dealing With Flyaway in A Florida Climate

At Innovative Hair Solutions, based in Palm Beach Gardens and servicing many locations in Florida including Palm Beach Gardens, Jupiter, Stuart, Miami, Port St Lucie, and many more, we know that taking care of your wig in the Florida climate may be different than other locations. Here we’ll discuss some ways to manage flyaways on wigs. Many times, we style our wigs to go out to an event, business meeting, or other occasions where we want to look our best, but the second you step outside your hair isn’t what you remember from looking in the mirror.


Flyaways are the small hairs that stick out and are seemingly impossible to keep flat. It can be a never-ending battle to keep these hairs flat, but Innovative Hair Solutions does have some tips to help. On top of these tips, you can always come to our Palm Beach Gardens location for professional wig services.


The main factor that will keep flyaway hairs in place is friction. You can create additional friction without any special tools by rubbing your hands together, heating up your hands as if you were in cold weather, and once your hands are warm you can press down on the wig, smoothing down the strands of hair and creating additional friction keeping them in place. On top of maintaining your flyaway hairs, you can use this method to take out the unwanted volume from the hair. This method is notably most effective when used on synthetic strands, but can also be effective on a human hair wig. 

Blow Out

Some wigs from Innovative Hair Solutions are human hair or synthetics made to withstand heat. If you have one of these wigs and are experiencing flyaway hairs, you may be able to take care of them with your own hair dryer. You don’t need high heat for this, so you should set your hairdryer to the medium setting. Like a typical blowout, hold your hairdryer over your head and point it down towards the problematic areas. Once the flyaway hairs have settled to your liking, run the hairdryer on a cool setting over your wig to set the changes.

Additional Product

Innovative Hair Solutions knows that sometimes additional products are the best way to maintain your wig’s quality. There are so many products on the market that you may need to try several to figure out the best for you. The specialists at Innovative Hair Solutions in Palm Beach Gardens can be a great resource if you’re not sure which product to use. You will typically need different products for synthetic hair as opposed to a natural hair wig, so if you have any questions about what product to use be sure to consult a professional to ensure the health of your wig. 

Contact Innovative Hair Solutions

If you find yourself struggling to make your wig look its best in Florida’s climate which can often be challenging for any kind of hair, contact our professionals at Innovative Hair Solutions so we can keep your hair looking as amazing as possible!