Innovative Extension Method

Our Extension Specialists are trained in all extension methods. Our method of choice is the flat method due to the fact clients will not damage their own hair.  We personally have been wearing the flat methods for close to 15 years and it has not affected our own hair in any negative ways. I can say with confidence this is the safest method out there not to mention comfortable and quick application and maintenance.


Flat Method Extensions

The Flat Method Hair Extension that we use is the most amazing and advanced invention in hair extensions. We use the only hair extension that is approved by the International Alopecia Board. Yes I know the reputation and stigma of extensions these days, but I have to tell you, this patented method is like no other. I was lucky enough to train with the actual inventor of this method.  I was one of the first in the country to use this method and am a certified trainer for the company. No one can believe I have hair extensions when I tell them. You will not damage your hair with this method. I have many clients that can attest to this, for they have been wearing them for years and have no breakage.  Actually their hair has grown out longer than they have ever had before.  An important thing with extensions is the hair quality, not all hair is created equal. Innovative Hair Solutions uses the highest quality human hair out there.  You will be amazed how these extensions will change your life!

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The flat method is exactly what it is, flat to your head. These extensions are the newest form of hair extensions comprising of a thin layer of hair which attaches to your own hair with our special adhesive.

  • It is applied very close to your scalp and appears to be growing from your head. You are able to wash, condition, blow dry, flat iron and color your new hair.
  • You also have the freedom to wear it up or down.
  • You can also do color touch-ups through the extensions.
  • This method is very safe and comfortable and causes absolutely no tension or damage to your natural hair.
  • This patented method will take less time than other methods to install or remove.
  • The most exciting thing about this method is that the hair is used over and over again.
  • This method requires maintenance every few months to move the hair back up to the scalp, reusing the hair.

What is the new flat hair extension method called HairTalk? 


Our mission is to help stylists showcase their creative freedom without the use of chemicals or damaging tools. Add, enhance, or intensify color, length, or volume in the time it would take for a standard cut and blow-out service. Utilize our array of adhesive band sizes, unique colors, and patented products such as Colormelts and Plus extensions.


  • Does not cause any damage to your own hair!
  • The hair is reusable up to one year
  • 100% Remy cuticle hair (Indian Temple or Chinese)
  • Reusable base – Maintenance 2-3 months
  • Available in most textures
  • Makes hair longer and fuller
  • Available in over 23 colors
  • Safe and Reliable and lightweight
  • Easy and quick to install and maintain
  • Consistent and readily available
  • Customized fitting
  • Able to wash, blow dry, flat iron, curl and color
  • Very flat against the head
  • No heat required for installation
  • 1-2 hours to install


For the ultimate luxurious hair out there that the celebrities wear we have…


Virgin European

The highest quality hair on the market, period.

Harvested from all over Europe to best match client’s hair type, this hair is 100% unprocessed, leaving it softer than other types of hair commonly used in extensions. They have never been treated or processed therefore have a high color acceptance allowing the extensions to be colored and highlighted just like natural hair. They are heat-friendly and can be styled with blow dyers, flat irons and curling rods to create the desired look.

LUXURIOUS remi hair with long lasting luster.

Adaptability, that’s the Remi hair advantage. Remi hair blends perfectly to all hair types and offers an alternative to clients of all ethnicities. Culled from Asia, which is treated and colored to match client’s hair type, our Remi is real human hair. What’s more? Inivisi-tab Remi Hair Extensions have the cuticle still on each strand, making hair luxurious and smooth with long lasting luster.

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