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Innovative Hair Solutions is now offering Palm Beach Gardens first upscale WIG BOUTIQUE!

Today’s Women’s Hair Piece and Wig Trends

When most women think about wigs, they think about the wigs they wore for fun years ago.  They were heavy and itchy and most of all looked fake! Well as in any other market, technology has raised the bar in comfort, quality, and appearance! If you choose to replace your hair, you will be happy to know fake looking wigs and Hairpieces are a thing of the past. New technologies have made both human hair and synthetic Hair wigs/Hair pieces appear extraordinarily realistic and comfortable.

Wigs and hairpieces are in demand more than ever today due to medical hair loss, genetic hair loss, aging, and general hair thinning conditions. I am still surprised that women today still have no idea of the many options that are out there to restore the appearance of their hair to a natural-looking state.  Almost everyone that we see on TV or in show business is wearing some type of addition to their hair to enhance their appearance. Weather is a topper, volumizer, extensions or wigs, almost everyone is doing something, but the typical woman has no idea. Women will dream about their hair looking like someone on TV, but have no idea that that dream is possible!

For starters we have pieces that clip in your hair that range in all shapes and sizes. These pieces will not just add thickness and volume but will cover up see through hair and even hide your roots when needing color! Just a few simple clicks and you have instant real looking hair! Pieces can be a small as just adding a bang or a little larger to cover the top of the head up to ¾ of the head, but is still not considered a full wig. The latest designs give the most comfort and natural appearance not to mention the confidence and self-esteem boost that is priceless! The options for texture and color are endless.  Everything can also be customized.  You do not have to be an expert at styling to use these, they are so easy anyone can wear and style them within minutes!

Wigs today are unbelievably comfortable and easy to care for.  Technology today has created heat resistant synthetic hair that mimics human hair.  It is super lightweight and dries instantly. Human Hair wigs today are more popular than ever.  Also there is the ability to customize anything to ensure you get the exact look, fit and comfort you want.  The bases are made for the wearer’s comfort, weather you have total, partial or no hair loss, there is a wig/piece for you that will give you incredible comfort and the confidence of 100% natural look and feel.

Today women have options that will make them feel as if they are not wearing anything, and most importantly no one else will know either. It is important that you choose to work with someone that is not only a specialist in hair replacement and the different options available but someone that has the compassion and understanding you need. At Innovative Hair Solutions, we have the discreet comfort and knowledge you are looking for.  I choose to do something a little different than the typical retail outlet wig shop. We developed a private comfortable one on one setting so you can get the attention and care you need.  We have over 30 years of combined knowledge of women’s hair replacement needs. Women will amazed when they see what options really do exist for an epidemic that touches millions of women. You don’t have to suffer in silence anymore!

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