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Receive confidential and private wig services and hair replacement solutions for women in Jupiter Island, Palm Beach Gardens, West Palm Beach, Boca Raton, Miami and the surrounding areas in South Florida.

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Whether you are looking to aesthetically enhance your hair, searching for kosher sheitel styles or are going through hair related challenges such as medical hair loss, genetic hair loss, aging, or thinning hair, the need for hair replacement for women and hair solutions is a personal task that requires caring expertise. At Innovative Hair Solutions, we offer the experienced and sensitive non surgical hair replacement services in Jupiter Inlet Colony, Florida that you are looking for. Our upscale wig boutique and wig salon and hair professionals are confidential, private, and can recommend the best hair replacement systems for your unique needs. As hair loss specialists, the goal of our professional team at Innovative Hair Solutions is to instill confidence and help you achieve the gorgeous hair of your dreams.

High Quality Wig Shop in Jupiter Inlet Colony, FL

Searching for a natural looking wig in Jupiter Inlet Colony, FL can seem like a daunting and stressful challenge. There are many different wig details to consider when shopping for wigs for women and having a trained expert to help guide you along the process can not only be helpful but also comforting. At Innovative Hair Solutions, our high quality wig shop in Jupiter Inlet Colony, FL includes the most premium selection of human hair wigs, synthetic wigs, synthetic blended wigs, lace front wigs, and Covid hairloss wigs available. Our hair professionals are able to determine your best hair solution based on your individual specifications and present options in length, color, and texture to suit your desires.

FOLLEA Wigs in Jupiter Inlet Colony, FL

FOLLEA wigs are the most luxurious and highest quality wigs available in the world. Just one touch will help you understand the craftsmanship and quality that each FOLLEA wig entails. Made of European hair, FOLLEA lace front wigs for women are hand tied with French top knot work to provide the most realistic appearance. Innovative Hair Solutions is proud to be among the best in our industry as Jupiter Inlet Colony, FL retailers of FOLLEA European wigs in Jupiter Colony, FL. Our professional team of wig specialists are able to help you decide on the right FOLLEA human hair wig for you and share best practices for maintenance and care at our confidential and private upscale wig boutique. We also offer wig services in our wig salon including cut, color, and styling to ensure you get exactly what you want.

Wig Salon in Jupiter Inlet Colony, FL

After you’ve found yourself the best natural looking wig, it may still need some special wig services touches by a professional wig stylist to make it the perfect wig for you. Synthetic wigs, synthetic blended wigs and human hair wigs for women have come a long way since their early days but many times, even high quality wigs need coloring, cutting or styling of some sort to meet the exact requirements of the wearer. At Innovative Hair Solutions, we specialize in Jupiter Inlet Colony, FL wig services at our wig salon. Wig customization choices are endless and our professional wig stylists can offer the best wig styling to suit your every need. In addition to coloring wigs, cutting wigs and conditioning wigs, we are also able to repair wigs, restore wigs and replace damaged wigs, including lace front wigs.

Kosher Sheitel Wigs in Jupiter Inlet Colony, FL

In order to abide by Jewish law and tradition, married Orthodox Jewish women do not show their hair in public. Known as a sheitel in Yiddish, these half wigs, or wigs for women allow for propriety compliance. Many modern day married Jewish Orthodox women desire natural looking kosher sheitel wigs in Jupiter Inlet Colony, FL and are choosing human hair wig options for a more realistic appearance. Innovative Hair Solutions specializes in Jewish wig, sheitel wig, or kosher wig options and fittings. Our knowledgeable team of professionals can help you shop our premium selection of sheitel wigs in our upscale wig boutique to meet your exact specifications.

Hair Replacement in Jupiter Island FL​

Hair Extensions in Jupiter Inlet Colony, FL

You’d be surprised by how many celebrities and women you know everyday that utilize hair extensions in Jupiter Inlet Colony, FL to help enhance their appearance, whether they are looking to experiment with a new look, want longer length, have fine hair, or are going through hair loss or hair thinning. Hair extensions can be a simple and great solution for augmenting your current look or situation. At Innovative Hair Solutions, our professional hair extensions salon includes certified specialists in Palm Beach County, while using the latest methods in hair extensions and offering a premium range of synthetic and human hair extensions to choose from and customize.

Hair Additions in Jupiter Inlet Colony, FL

Sometimes, a full wig or hair extensions may not be the best hair solution for your needs. Luckily, there are actually a few other options when it comes to hair additions, depending on the look you’re trying to achieve. Innovative Hair Solutions’ team of experienced professionals can help you select from a variety of hair additions such as topettes, volumizers, hair toppers for women, hair pieces for women, hair toppers for thinning hair, and hairpieces for thinning hair in Jupiter Inlet Colony, FL. Our caring team of hair additions and hair enhancements specialists offer confidential and private consultations at our wig shop and wig salon to help you add volume, cover up the head or thinning hair, add bangs, and so much more.

Wig Services in Jupiter Inlet Colony, FL

When you need professional wig styling in Jupiter Inlet Colony, FL, Innovative Hair Solutions offers wig customization and wig repair services to meet all your needs. Wig services can include wig thinning, wig cutting, wig coloring, wig washing, wig conditioning, or wig repair for your synthetic hair wig or human hair wig. Though it may seem reasonable to be able to perform many of these wig services on your own, it is best to rely on wig specialist experts as taking care of wigs near me is slightly different from regular hair growth from the head and is best treated with professional care. Our confidential and private wig salon is the ultimate haven to adjust your wig to your exact specifications.

Wigs for Medical Hair Loss in Jupiter Inlet Colony, FL

Hair loss is a very personal issue that should be treated with the highest level of sensitivity. Many turn to synthetic hair wigs, synthetic blended wigs, and human hair wigs to help boost their confidence and maintain their style. Our wig and hair professionals at Innovative Hair Solutions specialize in the best wigs for alopecia, wigs for cancer patients, cancer wigs, wigs for chemotherapy, wigs for chemo patients, wigs for trichotillomania and all other wigs for medical hair loss in Jupiter Inlet Colony, FL. As cranial prosthesis specialists, we understand what a delicate experience this may be and hope to be a helpful and friendly source for you to attain the beautiful hair that you are looking for. Our upscale wig boutique and confidential and private wig salon is able to provide every wig service that you need in one convenient location with caring experts who want you to look and feel your best.

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